Sea freight

Imports from all countries of the world through the seas, for all the goods and also in time, under the terms and conditions of Incoterms.
providing Door to Door service, delivery of goods or documents of origin and place the lid on the door delivery at the destination location.

Land transportation

Transportation of all importing goods from around the world to Iran, under the terms and conditions of incoterm and using Iranian and foreign trucks, goods in cargo, charter cargo and dangerous goods.
Carrying all exporting goods from Iran.

Air freight

Transportation of all imported goods from around the world to Iran, under the terms of incoterm, using Iranian and foreign airlines based on the owner's request, in the shortest time and with the best quality.
Carrying all exporting goods from Iran.

we transport


We deliver everywhere

Air, land and sea cargo services in Europe and including UK, Germany, Italy and other European countries and Asian countries including China, India, Korea, Indonesia, etc.


We deliver everything

Raw materials, Components and machinery, Petrochemical, Petroleum products Ceramic, tile and porcelains Industry Medical device, pharmaceutical, health and beauty Transportation and Automotive Clearance


We cooperate with high profiles

Cooperation with international shipping companies worldwide.
Participation in facilitate the process of transportation, supply chain management for organizations.

we keep in touch

Continuous customer relationship is our priority. we keep contact with our customers until they have their cargo delivered.

No. 508, 5th Floor, Borj-e-Sefid Tower, Pasdaran Ave, Tehran, Iran