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What do we want

RTP tries to has an effective and unique presence in the CARGO market, using human resource empowerment and utilizing latest transportation industry technologies. RTP committed to not only meet customer requirements, but also take a step further in ensuring their satisfaction by continuous evaluation and analysis of their expectation. Furthermore RTP intended to play a significant role in promoting and advancing of the transportation industry and at the same time preserve of professional values ​​and principles of working with businesses and organizations.

Our Mission

RTP mission is based on the following values: Provide modern and intelligent transportation services to achieve customer satisfaction.
Providecontinuou, reliable, innovative and safe transportation services.
The variety and quality in providing the most advanced customizedservices.
Ease and speed of service.
Providing services using executive skills of highly experienced and committed team.
Developingpartnerships with organizations involved in major national development projects.
Minimizing service time and maximizing confidence in services provided.

RTP intends to known as the most efficient, safest and leading company in the field of transport.

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